Monday, September 20, 2010

We hit up the studio over this weekend to record two tracks for upcoming releases. The first is an 18 minute (!) track from our the forthcoming split LP with Apostle of Solitude and The Flight of Sleipnir, entitled "Hallward". The second song is a cover of Fates Warning's "The Sorceress". 

We had a fucking blast recording at Tardis Studios with Mike the Wizard, and we can't wait for people to hear these songs. Click "Read more" to check out some photos from the sessions.

Control room of Tardis Studios.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hour of Judgement - Die Hard (Vinyl)

Not sure if anyone gives a flying fuck, but just in case...

There is one copy of the "Stonehenge" (Die Hard green/silver vinyl) left of our debut album "Hour of Judgement" at the Northern Silence online store. This edition comes with 2xLP, CD, patch and (in this case) a Medium sized Burgundy t-shirt of the cover art.

Check it out at Northern Silence.

New Online Store!

Head on over to:

to check out our new online store, where you can purchase CD/vinyl copies of our debut album "Hour of Judgement" directly from us. At the moment, we have the CD version on sale for $11AUD, FUCKING BARGAIN.

More merch/releases will be added to the store as they become available.

Hallward - Live @ Doom Shall Rise VII 2010


Die Frau Doktor | MySpace Video

Here is a snippet from an (as yet) unreleased track entitled "Hallward", from our forthcoming split release with Apostle of Solitude & Flight of the Sleipnir, live at Doom Shall Rise. Enjoy.

Childhood's End - Live @ Doom Shall Rise VII 2010

New blog/site...

Welcome to the new Rituals of the Oak blog.

We will be posting all show/release/etc information on this blog, rather than MySpace from now on, because MySpace is not very good.