Friday, August 13, 2010

Hour of Judgement - Die Hard (Vinyl)

Not sure if anyone gives a flying fuck, but just in case...

There is one copy of the "Stonehenge" (Die Hard green/silver vinyl) left of our debut album "Hour of Judgement" at the Northern Silence online store. This edition comes with 2xLP, CD, patch and (in this case) a Medium sized Burgundy t-shirt of the cover art.

Check it out at Northern Silence.

New Online Store!

Head on over to:

to check out our new online store, where you can purchase CD/vinyl copies of our debut album "Hour of Judgement" directly from us. At the moment, we have the CD version on sale for $11AUD, FUCKING BARGAIN.

More merch/releases will be added to the store as they become available.

Hallward - Live @ Doom Shall Rise VII 2010


Die Frau Doktor | MySpace Video

Here is a snippet from an (as yet) unreleased track entitled "Hallward", from our forthcoming split release with Apostle of Solitude & Flight of the Sleipnir, live at Doom Shall Rise. Enjoy.

Childhood's End - Live @ Doom Shall Rise VII 2010

New blog/site...

Welcome to the new Rituals of the Oak blog.

We will be posting all show/release/etc information on this blog, rather than MySpace from now on, because MySpace is not very good.